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We’re living through a transformative time right now and at Flow Stretch and Movement we’re in the process of transformation and growth as well. Good things are coming together. If you are a current client or athlete … you know some of the cool things we’ve been doing the last few months. Our college athletes did amazing work to stay ready in the midst of uncertainty and the loss of their fall seasons. And, individual coaching clients are discovering new and more effective ways to move and stay healthy outside and in their home environments. Fascial Stretch Therapy has been on hold while we look for safe ways to work with people on the therapy table again but, plans are to begin again in a limited way very soon. LifeStretch®️, the mindful restorative guided movement practice has been going virtual for groups and individuals. Please check back and/or reach out through the contact page. If you’re looking for food for thought you can check out the blog page here as well. Keep living in the strength of your unique wholeness.

Photo by Nina Uhlu00edkovu00e1 on Pexels.com
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