What Athletes And Clients Say About Their Experience

“Tim’s program changed me for the better. Going into the program my vertical, response times, and flexibility levels were very poor in relation to others on my collegiate volleyball team. I worked with Tim twice a week the entire summer while I was home from school and saw phenomenal increases in my vertical, response times and flexibility. After the summer was over, I felt like I was in the best shape of my life and I also felt like I was the most prepared I had ever been for a volleyball season. I am so happy with my results from Tim’s program and I strongly recommend it for any other athlete who wants to be the best athlete they can be.”

Before we started I wondered how can a one man show offer an experience that brings me more of what I need, than the big health club that I was going to?? Because of his long and successful professional experience as a teacher and counselor, Tim has customized his approach to me, his client regarding my learning style and confidence building needs. He seeks feedback from me and USES it in adjusting the approach for my benefit. As a result of our work together I have more controlled movement that helps restore better balance for walking golfing, dancing and other activities. I have greater strength and more control while performing tasks of daily living. And, I have greater endurance, less fatigue and a smoother and faster gait that offsets some nuerological weakness in my right leg. Tim coaches me in a way that helps me understand the “why” of what we are doing so I can learn to monitor myself in a sustainable way. Tim really cares about me, his client, and people in general; his enthusiasm and encouragement make me feel like I am doing the right thing for myself by being his client. ~ Nick, client

Tim has really helped improve the performance and the confidence of the teams I’ve coached. His detail and personalization of what each player needs is very beneficial to their development. Tim lays out a clear plan of development which helps them become better players and gain more confidence with every stage they complete. Tim communicates very effectively with the players and they enjoy the continued training and development with him. I have enjoyed working with Tim and laying out the development program that integrates his training with the four key developmental areas of soccer: physical, technical, tactical and psychological. ~ Terry L. – Coach

Our daughter began working with Tim Clark after she was placed on an upper level soccer team.  The director of the club suggested she get some outside training to improve her goalie skills.  Kick-It! Training was suggested to us by a fellow teammate.  The strength training she has received has been invaluable. Shortly after she began working with Tim she was diagnosed with a condition (Elhers Danlos) which affects the connective tissue, causing loose ligaments and unstable joints.  The doctor told us that she needed to strengthen the muscles surrounding these joints to prevent pain and injury if she wanted to continue playing soccer. Tim put together a specific plan for our daughter. Over the past three years he has helped her stabilize her knees, shoulders, hips–all the major joints and she has remained injury free (apart from the normal bumps and bruises associated with a full contact sport). The other benefits of working with Tim have been increased speed, agility,vertical jumping, reaction time and most importantly, her CONFIDENCE.  Tim is one of the most encouraging, kind, and thoughtful trainers we have ever had the opportunity to work with.  If you are looking for the drill sergeant style of motivation, Kickit Training is not the place.  Tim’s approach is encouraging and positive–the kind of training that has motivated our daughter to believe in herself and push to new heights of her athletic ability. She started as a C2 player and progressed to the premier level and will be playing college soccer next year.  Thank you, Tim for providing a positive, challenging, and committed program for our young athletes. ~ Lisa B.  – Parent

I started working with Kick-It! in high school. Since I’ve been working with Tim I feel like I’ve been ready to play college level soccer. He’s helped me get prepared to play the game at a more physical and higher level. I also feel like I’m more aware of different lifts, workouts and training that pertain specifically to me and my sport. I feel stronger on the ball and more fit all the way around. Tim fits the workout to my needs and I get more fit every year and I’m improving on the field because of it. Tim has been so great to work with. He makes working out fun and gets me ready to play. ~Claire L. – Player

It is my pleasure to recommend Tim Clark. Tim is my daughter’s trainer who worked with her from early in high school all the way to Division 1 soccer. No only did he teach our daughter good technique and provide excellent conditioning, but he helped her prepare mentally. TIm has a special ability to connect with his clients. He cares very much about their success. His knowledge is extensive. He is professional and prepared for all sessions. Tim has gone the extra mile with our daughter. Of all her coaches, Tim is the one to whom our daughter relates best. Consider Kick-It Training. It may provide the extra edge that you or your son or daughter is looking for. ~Susan – Parent

I started working with Tim in high school after my goalkeeping coach recommended him. Since then I’ve seen numerous results. I got leaner, stronger, my agility improved, quicker feet, more efficient better lateral movement and, better fitness. My vertical jump improved and Tim helped me get my ankle back in shape after an off-season injury. I came into my college season fit and ready to go. Working with Tim I’ve learned how to take care of my body. Tim has a great approach to training and working hard. Unlike some trainers and coaches he listens to the players and what we want. If we’re hurt, tired, sore or something doesn’t feel right he adjusts the training to our needs. His workouts are constantly adapting. Each time I come there are new materials, new workouts and his enthusiasm for them is great. ~ Harry – Player

My kid was not born a natural athlete and did not like to run, had really slow reaction time, and could not catch or throw.  As I write this, it’s hard to keep my emotions in check as I think of his transformation from that “non-athletic” kid in elementary school to now: a varsity athlete this year, starter on his high school lacrosse team as a freshman.

 There was a crucial period when he was in 5th or  grade or so –he had met all the metrics for medical rehab therapy, but he still was far behind in typical motor skills for his age.  The therapy staff recommended Kick-It! with Tim Clark, who got him working on some simple things like  footwork, balance, and hand-eye coordination.  All of it research-based and adapted from cutting edge behavioral and sports science.  That foundation started to build his confidence and slowly helped our son learn how to manage his physical movements in a sports environment.

 He started to play football, added hockey and then lacrosse.  Every couple years we would have Tim work with him and it would help him perform a little better.  Most importantly, he started to work on his own, become more in control of his physical ability, which boosted his motivation as started to improve, and it really changed his life. He is so confident now, fearless in the face of most challenges but most importantly—he sees himself as a leader.  He knows that he is not going to be a pro athlete, but he does have a lot more tools to help him network and socially integrate that he otherwise would never have developed.

 A lot of youth coaches (and parents) tend to write kids off at an early age as either “athletic” or not.  The wakeup call that Tim provides is that there are really very few “natural” athletes.    With a few simple corrections- and some hard work- kids can run faster and more efficiently, develop their reaction time, and hand-eye coordination needed to adapt to any sport.  The boost in confidence is really the most important element that his training can give. It helps them grow as athletes and individuals. I hope more parents hear about these programs because it really is one of the best things they will ever do for their kid. ~Jim A. – Parent

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