Fascia Stretch Therapy

Fascia Stretch Therapy™ Is a table based, assisted, pain free approach to stretching created over twenty years ago by Ann Frederick in her work with elite athletes for the U. S. Olympic Team and Arizona State University.  The benefits go far beyond improving performance and enhancing recovery in top-flight elite and professional athletes. These days FST™️ is used in health, wellness, rehab and medical settings as well. A recent study with the University of Arizona College of Medicine found FST to be a very effective treatment for non-specific low back pain.

If your favorite activity or sport regularly leaves you sore or stiff FST can help. Clients who use FST regularly report reduced pain and soreness and improved mobility and flexibility.

Inactivity takes it’s toll too. Long hours sitting at a desk or behind the wheel of a car often leave us feeling stiff and stuck. FST helps open tissue and joints and restore ease of movement. Clients report better posture, more energy and better sleep

One of the biggest benefits of FST is the powerful and effective role it can play in relaxation and recovery. Whether it’s the stiffness, soreness or heavy legs that come from working out and competing or the accumulation of tension from the physical and emotional stress of daily life that we all experience, the gentle, pain-free movements and StretchWave®️ help trigger a parasympathetic response ( think “rest and relax”) that allows the body to restore and refresh itself.

Fascia Stretch Therapy™️ focuses on the fascia; the connective tissue that covers our joints ligaments, tendons, muscles and organs. Fascia provides structure and support and helps integrate the major systems in the body. 

Sessions are customized to each client based on their needs and goals. No two sessions look or feel the same. Sessions are done on a massage table. Athletes and clients wear the same clothing they would for a training session or workout. The process is pain free and relaxing with immediate results.

During the Covid19 pandemic I am working with a limited number of clients using stringent practices based on CDC and MN. Department of Health guidelines to avoid the transmission of the disease and protect client health. To find out more and to see if a session would be right for you please contact me. There is no online scheduling at this time.

Want to learn more?

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Want to see what it looks like?  

check out this short video from the Stretch To Win®️ Institute

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