Movement & Fitness Training

I work with a diverse group of athletes and clients. From Division I college competitors to ultra-endurance athletes to clients looking to stay healthy, active and continue to flourish into their 60’s and 70’s .

I take a holistic approach to coaching, working with the whole person; mind, body and spirit and with the understanding that what’s going on in the rest of their life has a significant impact on their health and performance.

I take a personalized approach to working with every athlete and client. Each person is a unique individual so their coaching and training need to reflect that uniqueness.

I believe coaching is a conversation and that the most important part of that is listening. The experience and expertise I provide are only as valuable as the athlete or client’s ability to apply them to themselves.

I believe coaching is an act of service. Together we create an environment that is both safe and challenging, learning together as we go to help you discover and develop your unique potential and accomplish the things that are important to you.

If this sounds like you or you would like to know more then contact me and we’ll take the next step.