Frederick Stretch Therapy

Frederick Stretch Therapy™️ focuses on the fascia; the connective tissue that covers our joints ligaments, tendons, muscles and organs. Fascia provides structure and support and helps integrate the major systems in the body. 

Frederick Stretch Therapy™ Is a table based, assisted, pain free approach to stretching created over twenty years ago by Ann Frederick in her work with elite athletes for the U. S. Olympic Team and Arizona State University.  The benefits go far beyond improving performance and enhancing recovery in top-flight elite and professional athletes. These days FST™️ is used in health, wellness, rehab and medical settings as well. A recent study with the University of Arizona College of Medicine found FST to be a very effective treatment for non-specific low back pain.

If your favorite activity or sport regularly leaves you sore or stiff FST can help. Clients who use FST regularly report reduced pain and soreness and improved mobility and flexibility.

“I felt great after FST™! I ran later that afternoon and felt like I could have gone forever!! Thank You!” —Dr. Crystal Neal, Chiropractor and runner.

Next morning after our session – went for an 8 mile run in the rain. Just as anticipated, my hips opened up in the first mile. Usually it takes a mile or two before I loosen up. My hips were engaged and fluid for the entire run and my stride seemed much more efficient. Pace was a bit faster too. All in all, the run felt good and productive. 
Here is another observation: I have a bit of anterior pelvic tilt and for the last few days I have notice improved balance – both running and walking. It is like my center of gravity is a bit more centered. 
The stretch was definitely therapeutic and I will definitely do it again.
– Bob S. Runner and triathlete

Inactivity takes its toll too. Long hours sitting at a desk or behind the wheel of a car often leave us feeling stiff and stuck. FST helps open tissue and joints and restore ease of movement. Clients report better posture, more energy and better sleep

My back felt great last night. I had the sense this morning that I could breathe deeper!!!!  Wow!!  And, I didn’t have my constant every night sacrum/L4/L5/ hip pain when I went to bed.Loved the session.   I’ve already booked appts, for the next 2 Mondays. Looking forward to them!! THANKS!!!!! “  – Karen G.

One of the biggest benefits of FST is the powerful and effective role it can play in relaxation and recovery. Whether it’s the stiffness, soreness or heavy legs that come from working out and competing or the accumulation of tension from the physical and emotional stress of daily life that we all experience, the gentle, pain-free movements and StretchWave®️ help trigger a parasympathetic response ( think “rest and relax”) that allows the body to restore and refresh itself.

WOW just wanted to thank you for the stretch session. My legs feel so much lighter, and woke up without the aches and pains I usually wake up with. Feel better than any massage I have received.Thank you again I look forward to our next session.”  –Terry L. Soccer Coach & former professional player

Thanks so much again, my hips and lower back feel AMAZING!!!! Honestly they feel better than they have for years!! “  – Zane B. Former big mountain snowboard competitor.

Sessions are customized to each client based on their needs and goals. No two sessions look or feel the same. Sessions are done on a massage table. Athletes and clients wear the same clothing they would for a training session or workout. The process is pain free and relaxing with immediate results.

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