LifeStretch®️ Classes

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LifeStretch®️ is an hour long guided stretch that will help you feel better, move better and perform better in daily life and in the activities and moments that matter most to you. Because it works with the fascia, your body’s connective tissue it’s unlike anything else you’ve experienced.

Gentle movement synchronized with the breath allows you to discover the best path for your body to become more relaxed and move more freely. Most of the stretching we’re familiar with is uncomfortable, even painful and doesn’t actually help us create flexibility or move better. With experienced, expert instruction each LifeStretch®️ session you will learn how to tune into your body and move in gentle pain-free ways that feel good.

While we look forward to being able to offer live LifeStretch®️ Classes soon we will continue to offer LifeStretch®️ as an online class. You can learn this restorative practice in the comfort of your home while still getting the benefits of a group experience.


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