LifeStretch®️ is an hour long group stretch class in a relaxed, comfortable, calming atmosphere. Gentle movement synchronized with the breath allows you to discover the best path for your body to become more flexible, relaxed and renewed. Each person in the class experiences LifeStretch®️as if it was designed just for them.

Why Stretch?

Because it helps us feel better. While we may not do it often enough,  we all know the feeling of a good stretch in the morning when we get up before we start moving.  We know how good it feels to lean or bend or pull against something when our low back feels tight or a shoulder is stiff and the relief we experience. 

It helps us move better. The right kind of stretching helps us gently and easily open space in our joints and in the connective tissue or fascia that gives our body structure and absorbs and transmits the force we need to move. When it’s stretched well we feel light and loose. 

It helps us perform better, whether it’s in training or competition for an athlete, or in the simplest activities of daily life. Flexibility is about being able to adapt to the changing demands of our environment. That might mean changing direction on a soccer field but it also means carrying a bag of groceries while you try to pick up a toddler. The right kind of stretching helps us respond to those moments when we have to move in unexpected ways and, also gives us the ability to move with more grace, comfort and power as we go through the day. 

One of the biggest benefits of Lifestretch®️ is the powerful and effective role it can play in relaxation and recovery. Whether it’s the stiffness, soreness or heavy legs that come from working out and competing or the accumulation of tension from the physical and emotional stress of daily life that we all experience, the gentle, pain-free movements and StretchWave®️ help trigger a parasympathetic response ( think “rest and relax”) that allows the body to restore and refresh itself.

Pain is not a lifestyle and a state of calm is not a luxury or an indulgence. Relaxation and recovery are essential and make us more able, not less to rise to new challenges as they come, helping us be flexible in mind, body and spirit.

Our class currently runs every Tuesday evening from 5:45 to 6:45 through March 17 at the Victoria Recreation Center. To get started JUST DROP IN. Or contact Tim Clark. No session March 3 due to Minnesota Primary Elections


  • $85 for a five session pass
  • $20 per individual session drop in


LifeStretch®️ is great for teams or other group experiences like retreats. To find out more about LifeStretch®️ for your team or group CONTACT TIM CLARK NOW

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