Online Coaching Options

 After all, I repeat, to move is the provenance of all living human beings.

Twyla Tharp

How are you moving these days? It’s more important than ever to our physical and mental health to keep moving, exercise and be active.

Movement is part of being a “living human being.” You don’t need a health club or a gym to do it.

Online coaching and personal training have become great options for those who want to continue to maintain or improve their health and fitness with out the gym or club.

Online Coaching is not the same as a one size fits all internet video program.

With Online Coaching:

  • We start with an individual movement assessment
  • We work with your unique health and lifestyle considerations
  • You have the accountability and personal connection that come from scheduled one on one sessions
  • We create programs and sessions designed for your specific goals, needs and situations, as they change over time.
  • You focus on correct technique with expert feedback to keep you safe and progressing.
  • You get the benefit of over 15 years of working with hundreds of athletes and clients.

Coaching sessions are adjusted to fit your schedule and needs. Some clients have 2 sessions a week, others just 3 or 4 a month.

When we work together online you are developing habits at home. You learn how to workout and stay healthy and fit in your own environment. Since consistency is the biggest factor in developing a healthy movement practice, there really is no place like home. Some clients discover quickly they actually prefer working out at home or outside.

I help people create a movement practice that fits their goals and their life. If this sounds like you and you would like to know more contact me and we’ll schedule a 15 minute phone call to answer your questions and see if this is right for you.

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