WOW just wanted to thank you for the stretch session. My legs feel so much lighter, and woke up without the aches and pains I usually wake up with. Feel better than any massage I have received.Thank you again I look forward to our next session.”  –Terry L. Soccer Coach & former professional player

“I felt great after FST™! I ran later that afternoon and felt like I could have gone forever!! Thank You!” —Dr. Crystal Neal, Chiropractor and runner.

My back felt great last night. I had the sense this morning that I could breathe deeper!!!!  Wow!!  And, I didn’t have my constant every night sacrum/L4/L5/ hip pain when I went to bed.Loved the session.   I’ve already booked appts, for the next 2 Mondays. Looking forward to them!! THANKS!!!!! “  – Karen G.

” I recently had a lower body FST™ session with Tim and immediately after I could really tell a difference in the connective tissue in my legs and hip area. There was a sense of fluidity from my upper to the lower body. What a difference. Great stuff!  Thanks Tim.” — Lisa B., Massage Therapist

Thanks so much again, my hips and lower back feel AMAZING!!!! Honestly they feel better than they have for years!! “  – Zane B. Former big mountain snowboard competitor.

Next morning – went for an 8 mile run in the rain. Just as anticipated, my hips opened up in the first mile. Usually it takes a mile or two before I loosen up. My hips were engaged and fluid for the entire run and my stride seemed much more efficient. Pace was a bit faster too. All in all, the run felt good and productive. 
Here is another observation: I have a bit of anterior pelvic tilt and for the last few days I have notice improved balance – both running and walking. It is like my center of gravity is a bit more centered. 
The stretch was definitely therapeutic and I will definitely do it again.
– Bob S. Runner and triathlete

Before we started I wondered how can a one man show offer an experience that brings me more of what I need, than the big health club that I was going to?? Because of his long and successful professional experience as a teacher and counselor, Tim has customized his approach to me, his client regarding my learning style and confidence building needs. He seeks feedback from me and USES it in adjusting the approach for my benefit. As a result of our work together I have more controlled movement that helps restore better balance for walking golfing, dancing and other activities. I have greater strength and more control while performing tasks of daily living. And, I have greater endurance, less fatigue and a smoother and faster gait that offsets some neurological weakness in my right leg. Tim coaches me in a way that helps me understand the “why” of what we are doing so I can learn to monitor myself in a sustainable way. Tim really cares about me, his client, and people in general; his enthusiasm and encouragement make me feel like I am doing the right thing for myself by being his client. ~ Nick

I retired two and half years ago. I had decided that if I wanted to enjoy my 70’s and 80’s I would have to take a very different approach to my health. I eliminated processed foods from my diet and began work with Tim Clark on a regular basis. I had significant knee problems resulting from college sports injuries. Under Tim’s guidance: 1. I have gone from taking steps one at a time e.g. left foot first right follows to the same step – to being able to take two steps at a time if I wished.  2. I have increased strength in the muscles protecting the knee and have avoided knee replacement surgery for the foreseeable future.  3. I have increased my flexibility and balance dramatically. There are numerous times that I could have tripped and fallen and was able to catch myself and avoid a perhaps more serious injury. Mostly my work with Tim has permitted me to continue to do what I like doing. Climbing trees for purposes of pruning. Cutting and carrying timber to make bowls and vases in my woodshop. I have been able to maintain an active lifestyle which is my strong preference. I have a much better understanding of the importance of movement and the role of fascial stretching in maintaining body integrity. I am pleased with the body I have created under Tim’s guidance. I am likely in better overall condition than I have been for the last 30 years. Working out with Tim on a continual basis is the best thing I can do for my overall health and happiness. Without question, the fees I pay Tim are the most worthwhile and the best use of my money every month. ~ Karl

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