A Score Is Not A Story

SCOREBOARDWe were doing assessments yesterday; times, distance, height, weight. Lots of numbers. High school lacrosse players starting a new training cycle. Hockey players wrapping up and preparing for tryouts. The hockey players are pumped, measuring their progress and improvement over the last 6 months; taking confidence from their results as they head in to their season. For the lacrosse players its a different experience. The summer season ended almost two months ago and they’ve only been in the gym for a couple of weeks. Scores take a dip when you take a break. That’s OK. Its even a good thing. In a world where we’re constantly being evaluated, graded and compared though, it’s easy to get stuck on the numbers. Rather than seeing them as a snapshot we look at a single measurement as a trend and, if the trend is down something must be wrong.

But, as my son-in-law, a former golf pro, said after our round last week, ” A score is just a number, it’s not a story.”
Hockey Player Turning on Ice
The real story for the hockey player is in the discovery and development of their potential and, seeing how hard work in the gym and on the ice combined with good choices about things like nutrition can pay off. For the lacrosse players it’s learning to see how the long arc of training is cyclical. It’s about learning to trust the rise and fall that are part of the rhythm of training and long term development.
So, we let the lacrosse players know that they’re not getting slower or weaker. They’re at a particular spot in the cycle. And, we let the hockey players know that they can take confidence from the numbers they put up and that the bigger story will be unfolding on the ice over the next weeks or months.
Numbers are just numbers. They only mean something within the context of a given players unique development – within that players story. It’s critical that coaches and parents help young athletes remember that their scores are just one way of knowing where we are at a given moment in that story it’s never the whole story and certainly not the end.

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