Movement And Stillness

We are expressions of the oscillation between movement and stillness. We each have our own unique patterns of movement and stillness, and our bodies,  take on the form of those patterns created out of our intentions and actions, both conscious and unconscious.  When we move, tissues warm, soften, dissolve and re-orient themselves to support theContinue reading “Movement And Stillness”

The Blessing Is Outside Your Comfort Zone

The athletes have finished their warm up and are moving to the line for the start of the workout. It’s a tough one, what we call an “edge” workout. They will challenge themselves – going beyond what they’ve done before. 120 yard runs in 19 seconds, 35 seconds to jog back to the start, 30Continue reading “The Blessing Is Outside Your Comfort Zone”

Cultivating The Conditions For Growth

If you want to grow your health or fitness or improve your performance it’s helpful to think like a gardener more than a mechanic. We don’t really make ourselves healthier or stronger or turn ourselves into better runners. Instead we cultivate the conditions out of which that health or performance can emerge. The changes andContinue reading “Cultivating The Conditions For Growth”


“Nothing happens until something moves. When something vibrates, the electrons of the entire universe resonate with it. Everything is connected.” ~ Albert Einstein — Albert Einstein Before every training session I would ask my athletes to make an entry in their training journal. One of the questions was about mental energy. On a scale ofContinue reading “Move”