Photo by Martin on Pexels.com

“Your exercise is always connected to a purpose and crafted to accomplish it. You must find purpose and put it to work.” ~ Twyla Tharp

Purpose can sound burdensome and heavy, especially when it comes from outside. When were “working out” to meet others expectations or an outside standard it can become a obligation, a “have to” or a “should” that drains us.

When it comes from the inside though, when it’s connected to what matters to us, it energizes and flows. That doesn’t mean our practice will always be easy. It can be very challenging. In fact, to accomplish our purpose it needs to be at times. But, it’s ours, it’s intrinsic.

Purpose doesn’t need to be a ‘change the world, pillar of fire’ kind of thing. It can be as simple as wanting to stand in your own strength or enjoy an activity with someone you care about. The only thing that matters is that it’s clear and it’s yours. Then your movement practice or training plan will be yours as well. Then you can put your purpose to work.

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