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Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience.” ~ Ralph W. Emerson

When it comes to health, fitness and well being Emerson’s advice is well taken. There are no shortcuts to growth. Hacks and quick fixes are for machines. You and I are a part of nature, living, breathing human beings. Patience is the quiet virtue that supports our growth.

Patience is about being able to act and wait at the same time. We take the actions that move us toward our goals, exercise, rest, eat well, manage our stress and then wait patiently for the results to show themselves, in small ways, slowly over time. If we give up acting, nothing happens. If we try to force things we break down. Patience is about doing the work AND trusting the process. The end result is not change but transformation.

Patience isn’t easy but, just like strength or endurance it can be cultivated too and there is evidence that the more we have the healthier we are. Clear values, a sense of purpose and support from others make a big difference. Do the work, get some help where you need it and trust the good stuff will show itself. Oh yeah, then make sure to enjoy the process.

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