Three Keys To Growing Across A Lifetime

This guy is amazing. A few days ago I was with him in the woods behind his house watching him up in the trees where he likes to hang out ( pun intended).

What’s cool about this is that he’s 70 and this is a new interest he’s taken up in the last few years.

He’s done a few things that all of us can learn from. First he is clear about what’s important to him, his health, the people he cares about and the earth. Second, he has a team of people he turns to and trusts to stay healthy and well. He’s not trying to do it alone or figure it out by himself. Third, he is constantly learning and growing. Reading, asking questions, applying what he’s learning all the time. Our coaching sessions are always conversations about understanding the theory and then putting it into practice.

Purpose, connection and a desire to learn: three things that keep us unfolding and developing for a lifetime.

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