Cultivating The Conditions For Growth

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If you want to grow your health or fitness or improve your performance it’s helpful to think like a gardener more than a mechanic. We don’t really make ourselves healthier or stronger or turn ourselves into better runners. Instead we cultivate the conditions out of which that health or performance can emerge. The changes and growth emerge because of the skillful application of the right kind and amount of activity at the right times balanced with rest, recovery, nutrition and the like.

Like tending a garden it’s about understanding how things grow and then learning to take out the things that get in the way: the wrong exercises, poor nutrition, a no pain no gain mentality. And then put in the things that stimulate growth: the right exercises in the right dose, good food, sleep and recovery.

We’re human beings, amazing living organisms and we flourish when the conditions are right. Are you cultivating the conditions for flourishing?

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