Movement And Stillness

We are expressions of the oscillation between movement and stillness. We each have our own unique patterns of movement and stillness, and our bodies,  take on the form of those patterns created out of our intentions and actions, both conscious and unconscious. 

When we move, tissues warm, soften, dissolve and re-orient themselves to support the pattern of our movements. Run, hike, dance or swim and you’ll see how your body adapts to make those movements stronger and more efficient. 

When we are still the same tissues begin to bind, stick and  hold in response. It’s a natural process and part of what helps us heal after an injury or recover from strenuous exercise. We put a cast on a broken arm holding it still so nature can do its work. 

Movement frees and re-orients, stillness integrates and re-unites. We need both. The key is finding a healthy balance and the right kind of help to make that happen. 

Some of us have had too much stillness, too much sitting, too many zoom calls and too little movement. If you’re feeling stuck, stiff or just finding it hard to get going again, Fascial Stretch Therapy and LifeStretch®️ can help you get moving. No strain, no pain and targeted specifically to what you need. Let’s get you moving the way you want to. 

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