Showing Up

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Research shows that sustainable progress, in everything from diet to fitness to creativity, isn’t about being consistently great; it’s about being great at being consistent. ~ Brad Stulberg

Showing up can be a challenge when the places and routines we are used to are no longer available, when the world around us, even if it’s just our corner of it, shifts and wobbles and even vanishes.

It doesn’t need to be a pandemic. Any change, welcome or not, planned or unplanned changes the geography. How do we move forward when we don’t have our bearings? When you can’t developed the qualities you want to in the ways you are used to or within the context of a clear future, what do you do?

Now is an opportunity to focus on those deep qualities we often give lip service too. One of the things we can develop in this moment is consistency. We do it through the simple practice of showing up. We show up for the workout or movement session, we show up in the kitchen to make a healthy meal, we show up for the meditation time or the stretching.

We can also practice showing up for one another. We don’t have to go through this moment alone. Show up on line to share a workout or a meal. Check in on your friends or family or team mates. Believe it or not you know how to do this. We’re social creatures, it’s hard-wired in us.

Like any skill, it grows over time. The workout we can do or the space available may not be perfect. But, that’s ok. What we’re practicing here is showing up; consistency. Here’s an opportunity to grow. Let’s practice showing up, for ourselves and each other.

Good article here on consistency from Brad Stulberg.

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