“To engage, with honor, the full possibility of your life is to engage in a worthy way the possibility of your new day.” ~ John O’Donohue

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

The future is unfolding right now. As unclear and uncertain as it may feel, it’s already being shaped by the choices I make today. I can put my fitness and health on hold and wait for sunny days or I can continue to grow through the fog.

What’s possible today? What can I do to become a little stronger, kinder, wiser? How can I grow my stamina? What have I wanted to work on or develop that I have been putting off? Is now the time to focus on that?

While the long term may be uncertain, the day ahead of us offers so much possibility. What would it look like to engage that in a worthy way, a way that honors the full possibility of our lives? That’s exciting!

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