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“Improvisation is the courage to move from one note to the next.” ~ Bobby McFerrin

I’ve had to improvise a lot lately. Moving stretch classes from the rec center to online. Going from seeing clients in the gym to coaching them in their basement on FaceTime. Some of it has worked. Some of it, not so much. But things keep moving and we all keep learning.

The first rule of improvisation is say ” Yes and”. Take what’s being offered and add to it. Saying yes keeps the energy flowing and moves things forward, allows us to explore and create. Refusing the offer just stops things cold.

What’s being offered isn’t always what we expect or want. If we’re going to be creative though, if we are going to move FORWARD, the first rule still applies, “yes and.”

One of the other rules of improvisation is don’t look for perfection. The musician is just trying to find the next note, the actor the next line, the dancer the next step. Sometimes it works, other times … well…?

So, we move our classes from one platform to another and learn. A client doesn’t have weights but they have a backpack and a gallon jug. We can’t do a therapeutic stretch on the table so we try a guided session over the internet. It works … a little … we learn and look for something a little better.

Insisting that things be different than they are or that we go back to what was just shuts it all down. Find the next note, summon up a little courage and give it a try. It’s time to improvise!

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