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“At the heart of things is a secret law of balance and when our approach is respectful, sensitive and worthy, gifts of healing, challenge and creativity open to us. A gracious approach is the key that unlocks the treasure of the encounter … When we approach with reverence, great things decide to approach us.” ~ John O’ Donoghue

How are you approaching your workout or hike or bike ride? It is with curiosity or gratitude or playfulness? Is it a time to explore and enjoy the satisfaction of rising to a challenge and continuing to develop yourself and your potential? Maybe it’s the opportunity to connect with yourself, to bring body, mind and spirit together?

Or is it an obligation? Is it a form of penance for the extra glass of wine, the beer, the pizza and the ice cream? Are you there to “whip yourself into shape”?

The check in and warm up that starts a coaching or training session is a ritual that allows us to transition both physically and mentally from whatever we have been focused on to this moment, to prepare our body and get our approach right so that the gifts of this effort and time can flow more readily toward us.

Sometimes its a challenge session and the intention is to explore the edge, to push ourselves. Sometimes its a technical session to develop a skill or explore a new movement. Sometimes its about recovery, listening to our body, staying within certain limits and noticing how it’s feeling. Whatever it is we want to focus and refine our approach.

How are you approaching your encounter, whether it’s a yoga class or bike ride? When was the last time it felt amazing? How were you approaching it? Experiment with your approach. The potential of what we’re after is already there, embodied within us. “A gracious approach unlocks the treasure of the encounter.”

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