The First Step Just Needs To Be First

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When we’re talking about something new it’s almost impossible to see clearly where our efforts will take us. We can get stuck on the first step, wanting to make sure we get it right, thinking it needs to be big and bold. But the first step isn’t bold because it’s big or perfect. It’s bold simply because it’s first. I set off in a general direction with an intention or desire but, the rest has to unfold over time. The rest is still a mystery.

For mundane errands and tasks and those routine excursions of course it’s different. If I have to get to the grocery store and back in time to get dinner ready I can calculate a little more accurately; start here, end here, go this fast. Of course even then, surprises await.

For the adventures, and explorations though, for the times when I want  or need to change direction or start something new, I can only start with intention and desire and some small amount of faith. It is about the process, the journey. After the first step it’s all learning, adjustment and mystery.

There is no perfect way to begin. So, the first step just needs to be big enough, bold enough, to get started. The first step just needs to be first.  

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