Finding Happy Again

    “We play because we have an exuberance spirts and energy … but, we also are exuberant because we play”  Kay Redfield Jamison, Exuberance, The Passion For Life   What happens when we loose that exuberance of spirits and energy? What happens when something that starts as play turns into an experience that leaves usContinue reading “Finding Happy Again”

Embracing The Struggle

As Brene Brown says, ” We are hardwired for struggle.” Yet it’s tempting to try to manage our way around it or pull back rather than embrace it, even though we know it’s the struggle and challenge that provide the stimulus for our becoming better athletes and better people. In his book Listening Point, SigurdContinue reading “Embracing The Struggle”

Mobility For Health And Performance

Two years ago I met Kelly Quist. Kelly works for the Minnesota Twins as their massage therapist and stretching specialist. She had been practicing something called Fascial Stretch Therapy™ and invited me to experience it for myself. The results were so noticeable that I sent one of the track sprinters I was working with toContinue reading “Mobility For Health And Performance”

A Score Is Not A Story

We were doing assessments yesterday; times, distance, height, weight. Lots of numbers. High school lacrosse players starting a new training cycle. Hockey players wrapping up and preparing for tryouts. The hockey players are pumped, measuring their progress and improvement over the last 6 months; taking confidence from their results as they head in to theirContinue reading “A Score Is Not A Story”

Want To Open Up Your Players Potential? Try Changing Your Metaphor.

The industrial metaphor dominates our world these days. We think in terms of inputs, outputs, and efficiency.  Heck, even the FOX NFL mascot isn’t a player, it’s a robot. The factory mentality has an impact on the way we see players, and the way we see our role as coaches and even parents. An industrialContinue reading “Want To Open Up Your Players Potential? Try Changing Your Metaphor.”