Small Moves And Thresholds

Two things about small moves. First of all they’re small. Sometimes so small that any sense of progress or change is  nearly impossible to discern. Because, you see,  they’re not really about progress. They’re about emergence and unfolding; about growth and transformation. That’s how nature works.  Centuries ago, the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu wrote, ” Nature never hurries. Yet everything is accomplished.”  

Second, they’re the surest way to get where you want to go. We are distracted by stories of heroic action and big leaps. But, it’s the small moves that set the stage to make a big leap. And, the big leap is not big because it’s a giant step, but because it takes us across a threshold into a whole new territory with new rules, new relationships, new opportunities and challenges. A new world and a new way of being.

We  talk about progress towards goals and our sense of it is as something linear. But that puts our focus on the goal rather the actions we’re taking.  The challenge is to let go of the idea of progress and instead  put our attention on the small steps and  completed cycles that lead to change and growth.  It’s a process that naturally brings us, when the time is right, to the crossing of a threshold.

Trust that the small moves you made to get here have also prepared you for what’s next.

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